General purpose laboratory fume hood. Several standard versions or customized to your needs.

Laboratory hood suitable for the vast majority of general laboratory work. Work with biological contaminants, viruses and radioactive isotopes is excluded.

The VGV System

Dimanlab designs, manufactures, installs and maintains standard and customized laboratory fume cupboards in terms of configuration, materials and dimensions. To this end, we incorporate innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers in compliance with the UNE-EN14175-2 standard.
This Dimanlab fume cupboard system is commercially referred to as VGV.
Currently, there are 4 models of VGV standard showcases: VGV-1220, VGV-1420, VGV-1720 and VGV-2020. They measure 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm outside width respectively. Although they are absolutely modifiable to suit your requirements.

They are certified according to UNE EN 14175.

VGV showcases are equipped with active and passive safety elements to prevent risks to people. Among others: spread of fire, escape of noxious gases to the outside, etc. Safety elements also protect the integrity of the material components of a laboratory, which in turn could propagate or increase the damage caused by an accident.

As examples of risk minimization, our showcases are internally lined with non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, such as, among others, flame-retardant resins (B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501-1 of 6-20 mm or B1 according to DIN 4102-1). Another example would be the customization in the design of the deflector that allows an adaptation to the behavior of some types of gases by increasing the suction efficiency (e.g. heavy gases) and thus avoiding the release of harmful gases to the outside.

Our laboratory fume hoods incorporate a series of details in their design that make the operation and daily work with them easier, more efficient and flexible. Among others, thanks to our new design of sinks, incorporated in the sides, we can use the entire surface of the worktop for laboratory work.

Also, our cable management systems allow us to have the cables routed and preserved to the outside of the showcase, facilitating the cleaning of the interior surface and avoiding the risk of accidents and inconvenience caused by the cables to the operators when they are in the front of the work area. In addition, our sash door incorporates 3 sliding windows that allow quick access and maneuverability inside without affecting the functionality of the equipment. The front of our fume cupboards are designed to allow a full view of the inside of the work cabinet, allowing visual control of the status of all tests being performed without the need to open any door.

The VGV showcases incorporate a frequency-controlled air flow deregulation system that minimizes the extraction of air-conditioned air to the outside, which by definition is more costly both economically and environmentally. This measure translates into significant reductions in air conditioning costs and carbon footprint. This system instantly adjusts the speed of the extractor allowing the air flow to be minimized according to the free opening of the sash and sliding doors by reading differential pressure waves.

In addition, our showcases have as standard a diffuser front prepared to incorporate (optional) air supply equipment from the outside. If such a system is implemented (which would include, in addition to the aforementioned diffuser, an air supply unit and its ducting), thanks to the air supplied from the outside (not conditioned), the amount of conditioned air evacuated by the display case to the outside will be additionally reduced, thus obtaining significant additional savings in air conditioning energy consumption.

Dimanlab laboratory fume cupboards incorporate in their design elements that not only contribute to ensure personnel safety but also ergonomics. Some examples:

• Ease of sliding of the counterbalanced sash door
• Sliding windows in the sash itself, allowing desired access to the interior without raising the sash
• Really simple drive system
• Adequate and comfortable lighting
• Minimum noise level

In Dimanlab we can offer you the customization of the external materials as well as their finishes and colors. In this way, your display cases will be integrated and in harmony with the rest of your laboratory. With top quality finishes.

All components of the fume cupboard, listed below, are made of materials resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses to which they may be subjected during use and must not be readily combustible.
In addition, our showcase allows almost all of its components to be disassembled in order to carry out changes or repairs very quickly, if necessary.
Structure: self-supporting, made of structural elements with steel tube, degreased, phosphated and coated with a 70μ layer of epoxy paint (on request) vitrified oven-baked. Totally isolated from the work area and from gas contact.
Exterior construction: plastic, resin or metal laminated panels, color matched to the rest of the furniture.
Interior of the upper body: made of compact high-density, fire-resistant resin boards. Although there is the option of using stoneware, stainless steel, tempered glass, polypropylene or painted steel. Rear deflector panel for suction of heavier gases in the lower area. Anchorages for muddy supports.
Worktop: 30 mm thick continuous stoneware slab, special anti-acid, with perimeter rim to prevent spills. Nominal containment capacity: 5l/m2with the option of other materials, always with perimeter flange.
Front sash door with “stop”, according to EN 14175-2: vertical sash and at the same time horizontal sliding door made of 3+3 mm clear glass in three sections, housed in an aluminum frame, connected to the counterweight system by steel cables, with double anchoring system and pulleys that prevent the door from falling suddenly in case of breakage or failure. According to EN14175-2 standard, the glass must be laminated or tempered according to EN12600 type 2B or 2C or according to EN ISO 12543-1. This 3+3 mm laminated glass sliding system in three sections allows the user to create a high resistance protection screen against possible accidents inside the display case, such as splashes, uncontrolled reactions, explosions, etc. The vertical sash has an anchorage according to EN 14175-2, at 500 mm of opening (considered as maximum working opening), this anchorage or “stop” has a mechanical device that can be unlocked by the user’s express action and open the sash more than the maximum working opening, but it is automatically activated again as soon as the sash is lowered.
Upper front panel: easily removable panel giving access to the pulley system, lighting screen and extraction tube connection.
Bottom: a removable rear panel for access to connections.
Standard, but also customizable according to needs:
• 1 column for services on the left side.
• 1 column for services on the right side.
• 1 remote control faucet for water.
• 4 Schuko 230V/16A electrical sockets.
• 2 magneto-thermal protections.
• 1 watertight illumination screen, higher than 500 lux, according to EN 14175-3 standard.
• 1 PP side basin.
• 1 diffuser front prepared to incorporate an air supply unit (optional) from the outside. If implemented, the system would include the aforementioned diffuser, an air supply unit and its ducting. The air supplied will reduce the amount of air conditioned air evacuated by the showcase to the outside, obtaining significant savings in air conditioning energy consumption.
Electronic control and user interface: variable extraction flow control with optical and acoustic alarm, according to UNE EN 14175.System that allows to monitor and control the extraction flow by opening the door so that the same linear flow rate is maintained in the door regardless of the greater or lesser open section. This system achieves significant savings in air conditioning and greater acoustic comfort, since the smaller the open section of the door, the smaller the volume of air that needs to be extracted, and therefore less noise pollution, to maintain the same speed. All this is in accordance with EN 14175-1 and 2. In addition, it also allows to control the lighting and display the air velocity.
Frequency inverter: included in the equipment. This makes it possible to adjust the fan speed, and therefore the air flow rate, to the opening configuration of the showcase.

Fume cupboard

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As with the furniture systems, in the custom manufacturing of extraction display cases, we offer five base systems, all of them fully customizable, and if necessary we take care of their approval:


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At Dimanlab we manufacture five standard modular base systems manufactured entirely in our manufacturing facilities.

Most of them can be manufactured in melamine board, thermosetting resin board or stainless steel.

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