What type of laboratory do you need? We will make it happen. No limits.

Trust us with the comprehensive design and construction project for your laboratory. No matter if you are interested in a new construction, renovation, extension or transfer, your turnkey laboratory project will be delivered on time and with the agreed quality parameters.

Trained to build
integrally your laboratory

In Dimanlab we are prepared to carry out any type of laboratory design that you require. Projects of furniture only, or installation of services, as well as complete civil works. And in the case of the latter, as much new construction (construction of the integral laboratory), refurbishment, expansion or relocation.

You will obtain satisfactory results both in terms of the solution to your technical, functional and safety requirements and in the laboratory execution time. Through the best systems of management, organization and planning of the works with which our different teams and managers work: the Engineering and Interior Design teams in coordination with the Project Management and the latter in coordination with the Factory Management, the Procurement Management and with the Site Managers in the field.

We lead all phases of the laboratory construction project.


We help you to identify the needs and requirements of your users in order to be able to design the project, advising you on the different technical options. You will visualize in advance how your laboratory will look like through computer-aided 3D modeling.


In order to meet your delivery time objectives, we carry out a feasibility study of the project, we identify the phases, allocate the necessary resources and establish a detailed project schedule.

Legalization of projects

If necessary and at your request, we process the different licenses and/or permits with the pertinent public administrations.

Prevention of occupational hazards

One of the points where we pay more attention. We are aware of the importance of safety and its prevention. We scrupulously comply with the different protocols of execution and PRL documentation, both yours and ours internally.

Own manufacturing

Our strategy of manufacturing furniture and fume cupboards is beneficial to the customer. We are specialists in designing and manufacturing furniture and/or showcases and/or enclosures of special sizes at prices and delivery times similar to standard furniture.

Project Management

We provide a Project Management as your main interlocutor. It will ensure that the works are carried out strictly in the projected terms of quality of the materials and the ouput delivered, in cost, in deadlines and in the safety of the workers involved, as well as in the care and respect of your belongings and facilities. He will also regularly monitor progress and coordinate with our site managers and any third party industrialists involved.

Execution of work

We have in our staff all the qualified profiles to execute the work in its entirety, without subcontracting. Masonry, electrical installers, fluids, air conditioning, networks, painting, security, ... In this way it is easier to ensure the quality parameters, deadlines, fidelity to the designed project and the synchronization of resources. We comply with the specific waste management and disposal regulations of each autonomous community and each country.

Complementary works

If you hire us for a turnkey project, we will include in the service all the necessary complementary works (relocations, deep cleaning, etc.). You can check our range of services here.

Main services

Within the integral project, the main services we can offer are:

  • Design of spaces

  • 3D visualization

  • Delivery of "as built" drawings

  • Coordination of activities

  • Legalization of works

  • Own manufacturing of furniture, showcases and enclosures.

  • Special designs

  • Masonry services

  • Aluminum carpentry

  • Transdosed

  • False ceilings

  • Signage

  • Panel partitions, glass, etc.

  • Lighting projects

  • White rooms

  • Technical floors

  • Processing of permits and licenses

  • Continuous flooring in resin and linoleum

  • Electrical and emergency installations

  • Installations and verifications of computer networks

  • Fluids and technical gases installations

  • Industrial heating and cooling

  • Air conditioning, (filtration,) comfort filtration, ultrafiltration (levels III IV V)

  • Final cleaning of work

The most common types of laboratories we design and build:

Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, clinical analysis laboratories, mutual insurance companies)

Food industry

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetics industry

Education (institutes, universities, scientific research centers)

Quality control and I+D+i laboratories for any industrial sector

Oceanographic laboratories on ships

Complete white rooms of all containment levels

Quality and environmental respect

We want your lab to be sustainable. For this reason, all construction elements comply with the regulations.

We are certified in quality control in process management systems ISO9001:2015 and environmental ISO14001:2015, as well as ISO45001:2018 in occupational health and safety.

Our laboratory furniture incorporates the guidelines and recommendations of the EN-14056 standard.

Consult our Quality and Environment policy.

ISO Rules

  • ISO 9001 Quality

  • ISO 14001 Environment

  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (this is new).

Projects completed


We also manufacture technical furniture and showcases for you.

In the choice of furniture you can choose from five standard modular base systems manufactured entirely in our manufacturing facilities.

Most of them can be manufactured in compacted wood with melamine coating, in thermosetting resin panels or in metal (either mild steel plate or stainless steel).

And in turn, with countless possibilities for customization, including the possibility of custom manufacturing and colors and finishes to your liking.

Fume cupboard

Discover the fume cupboards we manufacture

As with the furniture systems, in the custom manufacturing of extraction display cases, we offer five base systems, all of them fully customizable, and if necessary we take care of their approval: