General basic purpose laboratory fume hood. Several standard versions or customized to your needs.

Laboratory fume cupboard suitable for the vast majority of basic general laboratory work. Work with biological contaminants, viruses and radioactive isotopes is excluded.

We explain our VGB fume hood in 10 seconds

Dimanlab designs, manufactures, installs and maintains standard and customized laboratory fume cupboards in terms of configuration, materials and dimensions. To this end, we incorporate innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers in compliance with the UNE-EN14175-2 standard.
This Dimanlab fume cupboard system is the basic fume cupboard system and is commercially referred to as VGB. With the exception of special work with perchloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, biological contaminants, radioactive isotopes or viruses, it is suitable for the vast majority of general laboratory work.

As standard we currently also offer 4 models of VGB booths: the VGB-1220, VGB-1420, VGB-1720 and VGB-2020. They measure 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm outside width respectively. Although they are standard, we can also modify them to adapt them to any requirement.

There is the option of a full cabin or a tabletop cabin.
Otherwise, the rest of the features and performance related to safety, efficiency, aesthetics and components are the same as in the fume cupboard system of the VGV range that you can consult here.

Fume cupboard

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As with the furniture systems, in the custom manufacturing of extraction display cases, we offer five base systems, all of them fully customizable, and if necessary we take care of their approval:


We also manufacture technical furniture for you

At Dimanlab we manufacture five standard modular base systems manufactured entirely in our manufacturing facilities.

Most of them can be manufactured in melamine board, thermosetting resin board or stainless steel.

And in turn, with countless possibilities for customization, including the possibility of custom manufacturing and colors and finishes to your liking.