Customized enclosures for gas extraction. Custom-made to your needs.

Custom designed and built for sporadic or constant use. With sliding glass doors, sash doors, without doors, polycarbonate hinged doors.

We explain in 10 seconds our
customized fume extraction enclosures

If your need in the laboratory is the extraction of gases or if you have non-toxic gas emitting equipment of considerable size, Dimanlab can manufacture or adapt a standard extractor enclosure.

Normally, these are enclosures that we manufacture according to the customer’s needs.

Fume cupboard

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As with the furniture systems, in the custom manufacturing of extraction display cases, we offer five base systems, all of them fully customizable, and if necessary we take care of their approval:


We also manufacture technical furniture for you

At Dimanlab we manufacture five standard modular base systems manufactured entirely in our manufacturing facilities.

Most of them can be manufactured in melamine board, thermosetting resin board or stainless steel.

And in turn, with countless possibilities for customization, including the possibility of custom manufacturing and colors and finishes to your liking.