OpenLab Wheels System

Laboratory furniture that offers you maximum flexibility and versatility.

This furniture system is ideal for laboratories that need versatility, to be able to change the configuration of the workstations and the location of the elements easily and quickly.


The OpenLab Wheels System
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Dimanlab OpenLab Casters is a furniture system suitable for clinical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, educational and other industrial laboratories. Use in laboratories classified as Level 3, 4 or 5 for handling viruses, bacteria and germs is excluded.

Provides total flexibility of workstations in the laboratory.

Structure: Its structure is frontally open.

The Openlab Wheels system allows for future expansions due to the flexibility and modularity it offers.

Cabinets material: Cabinets can be manufactured in melamine board, thermosetting resin board or sheet steel….

Warranty: Its construction has been made according to UNE EN-13150, and offers great stability, resistance and durability.

Main features of the system

  • Metal structure in "C" shape with movable suspended furniture.

  • Free movement of the lower modules along the entire length of the table.

  • Job flexibility.

  • Fixed OR registrable base caps

  • Easy access to the back for cleaning.

  • Access to the rear service gallery, which allows the facilities to be expanded or modified at any time

  • • Diaphanous, light appearance.

  • • High durability.

  • • Aesthetic integration in any environment.

C-shaped metal structure

  • Open frontally.

  • It can support a load of 250 kg/m² without visible deformation of its components.

  • Formed by 40x40x2 mm and 60x40x2mm painted mild steel tubes.

  • Front angle and rear guide for sliding furniture in 3 mm mild steel.

  • Levelers on support points up to 30mm.

Technical data

Download the data sheet here.


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Y a su vez, con innumerables posibilidades de personalización, que incluye la posibilidad de fabricación a medida y colores y acabados a tu gusto.

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