We make your lab an ultra-secure space.

Safety in your laboratory is our main premise. A commitment to keep your team working safely and comfortably, while protecting the infrastructure.

Security for your human team

All the elements that make up your laboratory are designed, installed and maintained by Dimanlab with the primary objective of maximum protection of people.

Infrastructure security

The project, construction and subsequent maintenance service carried out by Dimanlab have as a second objective the maximum protection of the space. Because the value of the laboratory infrastructure and equipment has a high economic value.

Safety for the environment

A laboratory designed, built and maintained by Dimanlab is equipped with the means and built with the right materials to make it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Consult our Quality and Environment policy.

In addition, we are certified in quality control in process management systems ISO9001:2015 and environmental certificate ISO14001:2015, as well as ISO45001:2018 in occupational health and safety.

Critical elements for safety in a laboratory

The components that have a direct relationship with the safety measures in the laboratory have the highest priority for Dimanlab, from the design phase of the integral project to the laboratory maintenance service. Specific:

Fume cupboard, fume hoods and extraction arms (Dimanlab® and other brands).

Cabinets for flammable and corrosive products. We check the level of interior and exterior corrosion, removable trays and both manual and automatic opening and closing elements. Revision of the ventilation system and filters.

Filters and integrated filtration systems. Review of the condition and saturation of filters. Substitution when appropriate.

Electrical installations. They must be equipped with all the safety and cut-off elements for the installed power, with clearly defined circuits and power supply lines adequate to the actual consumption. Also those that pass through the interior of the furniture.

Fluid installations.

Emergency showers and eyewash.

Emergency lighting. This equipment must be strategically located to illuminate the escape routes and in sufficient number to provide adequate lighting.

Enclosures and storerooms attached to or integrated in the laboratory itself for flammable and corrosive materials regardless of their volume. Checking the installed ventilation system. Shelving, cabinets and the system and operation of door opening and closing hardware.

Installations of technical gases and fuel gases. It must be carried out by the original installer, the responsible party will be notified if a fault or deficiency is detected in the installation. In the event that it represents an eminent danger of any kind, we will proceed to close the affected installation until the original installer comes to correct or repair the deficiency.

Air treatment and ambient or emergency ventilation installations. It must be carried out by the original installer, the responsible party will be notified if a fault or deficiency is detected in the installation.

Signaling and action plans in case of fire alarms and concentration of combustible,  toxic or combustible gases. There must be a properly documented emergency plan and adequate means to implement it and available to all personnel. (designated.)

Emergency exits. They must be within the established legal distances, well signposted and with evacuation passages completely free of obstacles.

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